Defining Your Target Market the Easy Way

Defining your target market can sometimes be a difficult thing to do. Many people think well isn’t everyone my customer?! As Seth Godin says simply:

“Everyone is not your customer.”

The best way to be able to market your product or service is to understand exactly who it is that you will be talking to. People have different tastes and opinions. When you know who you’re talking to, you can speak in their language.

I was listening to a podcast the other day, and the podcaster, John Lee Dumas, of Entrepreneur on Fire, described his target market as a person. I thought to myself “how perfect is that!” Not only is it the perfect way to exactly describe in detail who your target market is, but it’s a fun and enjoyable exercise.

Gone are the standard and bland “define your ideal target market’s geographic, demographic and technographic merits.” Why not make it a fun exercise and give your target market and name and personality.

For example:
My target market’s name is Leena. She’s a 35 year old Entrepreneur. She wakes up every morning, does 15 minutes of power yoga and drinks an energy boosting smoothie to start off her day.  She heads out to her boutique shop and works hard but notices that her message simply isn’t getting out to her own targeted audience and wonders how to go about doing that. She does some research online and finds my website, reads a few blog posts and decides to sign up for the FREE marketing materials to see how she wants to move forward with making her mark in business.

Does your target market have a name? What do they do during the day? What problems are they having that you can solve?

Your actionable this week: Take a look at your target market, give them a name and describe what they are all about.

I’d love for you to leave a comment and share who your target market is!