How and Why Making your Marketing Relative is Important

Imagine that your customers have a difficult time understanding what you are offering and how it could benefit them. Too many times content is over complicated. Keeping the customer in mind is forgotten when we decide how to market a service or product. We get so wrapped up in our projects and agonize over and over if everything is perfect. And still we forget to truly step into our customers shoes.

So, here’s my 3 simple strategies to implement relative marketing.

1. Step into your customers shoes
Take a walk on the wild side! I always like to do a run through of what my customer’s experience with me is from all aspects. Whether that be online (facebook, twitter, my website) or a physical meeting if you have a store front. It’s always good to get some outside perspective as well. Ask people around you to do a run through and see if there are any hicups in the process.

2. Simplify
More time then not we use 15 words when 2 will do just fine. In the age of social media people are bombarded with content more now then ever. You never want your customers thinking – Get to the point already!

3. Does your customer understand what you are try to say?
If your targeted audience is Women, using an awesome truck  metaphor is probably not going to get the reaction you were hoping for.

Those are my 3 steps to making your marketing relative. 1. Step into your customers shoes. 2. Simply! 3. Customer Understanding

Your actionable this week: is to take a walk in your customers shoes and see if what you are trying to say, is relevant to them.

I’d love for you to leave a comment below and let me know how your marketing is relative to your clients today!