The Important Concepts of your Brands Image

I often get asked why it’s so important to have a uniform look across all of a company’s marketing materials, from business cards, to websites to your print material. Many times brochures are designed separate from a website and they tend to come out looking nothing alike. But why is that such a bad thing?

Let’s take a look at 3 main factors and what i categorize as style, connection and simplicity.

1) Style
When you think about going to a high end restaurant there are certain things that come to mind, maybe elegance, cleanliness and modern decor. If you were to walk into a high end restaurant and their decor gave off a fast food vibe, would you stay? Or does their choice of decor say something about the restaurant as a whole? Likely. The same feeling should apply to the design of your marketing materials. They should all give off a similar feeling and style which should portray what your company is all about.

2) Connection
Style is not the only important thing when it comes to unifying a brand. Easily making a connection is another. McDonald’s has their signature golden arches, Nike has their swoosh and Apple has well, their apple. Everyone makes the connection which shoe is Nike’s and which computer is Apple’s quickly and easily. There’s no confusion. Imagine if your image was something different on each piece of material, potential customers may not make the connection to who you are. And no one wants that!

3) Simplicity
No one likes confusion and sending multiple messages, in multiple looks, in multiple varieties… your customers are simply not going to understand what you are trying to say. So remember to KISS – Keep It Simple Silly!

Your actionable this week: is to review your materials and see if they have style, connection and simplicity!