When Less is More

I love minimalism. After moving from apartment to apartment and finally across the country you really realize how much clutter and ‘stuff’ seems to pile up over the years. It’s incredibly refreshing to find yourself with fewer things. Just the basics are really required. There’s less stress in being able to find things, there’s no over piled shelves, no worry of where you are going to store something that you haven’t touched or looked at in years. Just the basics.

I love minimalism in not just in my own life but in the way things are marketed and designed as well. Boiling down messages to the simplest possible form. The use of white space in design. All often overlook or forgotten about with the need to pile and shout more and more information onto one simple piece.

One of the best exercises I find that a business can do, is answer the question:

What is your message?

If you can answer that question quickly and easily in a few words, then you’re golden. However, many of us try to focus on so many things in our business. We’re here to help people with problems a. b. c. d. and e. When really your overall message can be boiled down to a few simple words. Being able focus on your businesses key message will allow you to get your message across easily and efficiently, without clutter or confusion. And in the end, that’s the main goal. Getting your message out to the customers who’s problems you can solve.

Your actionable this week:  If you could describe your message in one word, what would it be?

I’d love for you to leave a comment and tell us what your message is!