The Marketing Kit

Learn how to create a marketing plan that makes a mark

Are You Ready?

Are you ready to change the world?
Are you ready for your business to make its mark?
Are you confused by the 4 P’s, unsure of how to put together a strategy pyramid, stumbling over social media efficiencies, stalling on those creative ideas to surge your business forward?

ENTER: The Marketing Kit

You deserve to make your mark. And you can!

This kit is for you if:

1. You’re passionate about your business and the impact it has on other people’s lives.
2. You’re ready to make a change.
3. You’re truly ready to put work into marketing your business.
4. You’re unsure where to start in building a successful marketing plan.
5. You’re committed and you’ve got the wisdom to know that success is an inside job.

If you’re saying YES! then the Marketing Kit was created just for you!

The marketing kit has your back.

Here’s what you’ll get:

For just $37 you’ll receive products, templates, checklists, and an ebook that I am so excited to share with you. I know that to turn your small business into something BIG you need a solid foundation. This marketing kit is just that. Giving you these products and templates guarantees that you’ll be ready to make your mark in marketing! Take that step towards marketing to your customers with honesty, in a way that they truly understand, resulting in the sales you want.


How I wish I had this kit when I first started developing the marketing plan for my business. The plans and templates you will be given will help you gain clarity on what you really want your business to achieve, set up reachable milestones and keep you on track and on budget to reach your goals, refine and plan your marketing goals, determine strengths and weaknesses you didn’t know you had and build systems that help you make your mark by achieving growth and so much more!

The Magical Marketing Plan that’s Simple to Use.

This is where we’ll dive into all that is marketing. We’ll review what makes your company truly different, come up with inspiring strategies, outline where and how you want your company to be and we’ll find your strengths and weaknesses and review how to strive from them both. The Goal: Putting together the ultimate marketing plan to help you make your mark in business!

Actionable Action Item Checklist

Part two of the Marketing Kit is where we create your checklist of actionable’s to keep you focused. Plus it’s always fun to cross milestones off your list and see your plan coming together one step at a time! The Goal: Help you organize yourself to achieve those goals and make progress.

The Ultimate Marketing Plan Budget Template

Mapping out your plan and checklist and putting numbers to ideas. Not always the fun part, but it keeps things honest and reasonable with your marketing dreams. The Goal: To put together a budget to give you a better idea of the costs and make sure your plans don’t get too out of control.

12 Month Make-It-Happen Editorial Calendar

The editorial calendar is where we create your roadmap. In my process we take everything we’ve learned and map out a plan to make-it-happen. The Goal: Get clarity on what you want, what’s most important to you and create a calendar to keep you motivated to make it all happen!

Marketing Kit Overview

When you invest in your business now by accessing our exclusive online version of the marketing kit and guide you will:
– Get templates that take the mystery out of marketing plans.
– Get practical, actionable next steps to grow your business.
– Get inspired by modern marketing and how you can help your customers.

Don’t settle, make your mark. The road to your success is just a click away!



A Guide to Marketing with Honesty

I can’t count how many times people say that they dislike marketing. That it seems like a sleazy, skeazy, manipulative way to generate a sale. As technology changes and we learn more about what the customer actually wants, what I like to call Modern Marketing has evolved. So throw out your sleazy marketing thoughts and think about how marketing with honesty is the new best policy. This ebook is your how to guide to marketing with class, integrity and communicating to your clients in a way they will understand.